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Indian Construction Industry Disputes Scenario   Amrita Mitra

Indian Construction Industry Disputes Scenario

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Disputes are a common occurrence in Indian construction industry. They become very costly in terms of both time and cost and hence must be reduced for improving overall project performance. Although studies in the past aimed towards identification of the causes of disputes, this study specifically aims at finding the inter-relationship between the various dispute causing conditions and better interpret them rather than treating them as standalone elements. Causal modeling of the dispute causes underlines certain root causes to which special attention needs to be given. SAP-LAP paradigm has been incorporated in a questionnaire to find construction industry professionals’ perception into the causes of disputes and also dispute avoidance measures. Respondents of all experience groups have a unanimous decision regarding causes of disputes. Also dispute factors themselves do not have very significant impact in directly invoking a dispute prone condition or clause but trigger off subsequent...
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