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Influence of Branded Chicken - An emerging sector in India   R.Swapna Kumari and S.Franklin John

Influence of Branded Chicken - An emerging sector in India

128 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India, a market with Investment Friendly ambience. Indian Poultry Industry is booming which is emerging as the world's 2nd Largest market. Growing at the phenomenal rate of 12 to 15% every year.The growth of the industry with steady production of 1.800 million tones of poultry meat, 40 billion eggs per year and employment generation of about three million people indicates the future prospects for the industry. Changing food habits, rising income of the middle class Indian, the presence of private players, rising market demand for Indian poultry produce in the export market are among the factors contributing to the growth of the industry.Now a days the search for the branded products have been increased which changed the purchasing behavior of the customers . The factors influence branded chicken in Indian Poultry Industry are identified and are analyzed. This book reaches all the readers interested in livestock and branding related issues.
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