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Shopping Experience & Consumer Loyalty   Adil Zia and M. Khalid Azam

Shopping Experience & Consumer Loyalty

316 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is a study of Indian retail sector. In this study both organized as well as unorganized retail sector has been studied and has tried to highlight the relationship between consumer buying behavior and retailers, both for organized as well as unorganized retail sector. This study is an insight to the retail industry and their impact on consumption behavior. The findings of the study will be helpful to the organizations that are planning to establish businesses in India. This study will help them to understand factors responsible for shopping experience and consumer loyalty so that they can forecast shoppers’ consumption behavior and implement various Marketing Strategies. The findings of the study have significant implications for retailing industry in India. Further, this study found that the store affect can be generated by some controllable factors like store atmosphere and merchandise value, that can be used by retailers to implement store loyalty programs. In order to...
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