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Stress Management in IT Sector - Indian Scenario   M.S. Yathish Chandra

Stress Management in IT Sector - Indian Scenario

184 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Indian IT industry has seen an enormous growth in post liberalization era. This can mainly be attributed to the largest pool of technically qualified high class IT manpower. The IT companies in an endeavour to achieve the goal, try to harness the manpower to the maximum. This causes psychological behavioral problems due to uncontrolled stress. Over 50 per cent of the employee in IT and ITES sector are encompassing stress related problems and many have imbibed coping techniques In an attempt to address this major problem, the author has made an attempt to analyze the root causes for the stress and its outcomes. The author has also tried to come out with coping strategies that are relevant to the IT industry in the present context. India with its rich heritage has abundant stress coping strategies practiced since ages. These techniques may be easily emulated in other parts of the world.
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