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Organizational Talent Management Practices   Nebiat Gizaw Shibeshi

Organizational Talent Management Practices

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Talent Management is the additional management, processes and opportunities that are made available to people in the organization who are considered to be ‘talent’ (Blass, 2007). This shows us that this concept is something additional designed to put in place a strategy to help deliver strategic objectives. According to Blass (2009), this does not mean that one should not be concerned with the more general processes of human resources that are available to everyone in the organization, but the talent management system is the additional elements that are afforded to high potentials/high performers, or however else the organization chooses to define talent. Hence it the recommendation of the author that this concept be taken up by government institutions to see them successfully achieve their strategic objectives thereby delivering services that their citizens require of them.
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