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Emotional Intelligence: A Study of Indian Executives in IT Industry   Abhiruchi Singh Verma

Emotional Intelligence: A Study of Indian Executives in IT Industry

172 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Emotional intelligence (EI) is considered an important element in a broad spectrum of skills and enables employees to create value for their organizations and themselves. Researches indicate that emotional intelligence is associated with successful performance outcomes in a range of domains including academia, business, professional and personal lives. This book sets out to explore the relevance, application, scope and influence of Emotional Intelligence on employees’ emotional adjustment at workplace in Indian IT organizations. The book is divided into seven chapters. Chapter one discusses concept of emotional intelligence, Chapter two elaborates IT industry in India, Chapter three reviews the literature present on Emotional Intelligence, Chapter four is devoted to the research objectives and research design, Chapter five deals with detailed analysis of the study. Chapter six includes an overview of results of various statistical tests and Chapter seven presents recommendations,...
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