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Does Trust Matter in Internet Shopping?   Rajesh Faldu

Does Trust Matter in Internet Shopping?

64 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
With more and more people becoming internet users in today’s world, there has been great increase in online shopping websites all over the world. The number of people shopping online is also considerably increasing.With this boom in popularity, very little academic literature exists in this field.This book therefore provides a new metric of success for those interested in doing research on e-commerce transactions or online shopping. This book shows in detail analysis on whether trust matters in online shopping. Overall, this research draws attention to consumer’s perception of trust in Internet shopping and provides the specifications about the dimensions of trust in the online context. It may motivate managers to take into account consumer’s concern and provide more chances for managers to use these findings for their managerial practice in an e-commerce market environment. It will be especially useful to professionals in Marketing, E-commerce fields or anyone else pursuing...
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