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Institutional Racism and the Dynamics of Privilege in Public Health   Heather Came

Institutional Racism and the Dynamics of Privilege in Public Health

644 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
New Zealand has historically prided itself on being a fair and egalitarian society with exemplary race relations. Over time this has proven to be an enduring myth that has stalled the addressing of systemic racism. This comprehensive analysis reveals how the New Zealand government systematically discriminates against Maori in its administration of the public health system. ----- “This is the most rigorous, detailed and compelling study of institutional racism that I have encountered and, as such, represents a unique and valuable contribution to its field”. Yin Paradies - Deakin University ---- “It is easy to see the everyday impact of racism. The hard part is spotting where and how it is working and then pulling it apart. Heather has done the hard part. Now it is time for a change. As she says, this has to stop now!” Mitzi Nairn - Tamaki Tiriti Workers ---- “Activist Scholar, Dr Heather Came, presents a significant piece of work on uncovering institutional racism in...
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