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Recruitment Source Effectiveness: A Strategic Approach   Sarika Panda

Recruitment Source Effectiveness: A Strategic Approach

56 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recruitment process is one of the key functions among all Hr activities. In this competitive business environment organizations are using multiple recruitment sources in search of right candidate. A poor selection of a candidate has lot of negative effect on Organization as well as to its Hr department. A candidate appointed to a wrong job is great failure for company progress. This book is mainly entitled as a practical exposure for corporate to adapt effective recruitment sources in their recruitment practices. This book is mainly designed to provide a real true picture of recruitment process which directly linked with efficiency of various Human resource practices. It also serves as a practical guide for both managers and non managers for implementing effective recruitment strategy in their organization.FEATURES:New : A complete research is done to give a true picture of recruitment process effectiveness.• Statistical analysis will help to correlate recruitment theory with real...
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