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Impact Of Teamwork On The Achievement Of Targets In Organisations   Pamela Ooko

Impact Of Teamwork On The Achievement Of Targets In Organisations

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book brings out to the managers and co workers that team work is the key to success. When people work together as a team they achieve their goals and objectives of the organization. It is important for the workers to embrace the spirit of team work and encourage workers to respect one another for them to achieve their goals. This goes a long way, since it takes fair remuneration, fair rewards and equal opportunities for all workers irrespective of who you are and who you might know. If systems are in place then the feeling of being left out should not occur and workers should be motivated to work with joy and happiness as they interact with each other. This book brings out the areas that employers should look at to be better managers and team players in the industry. I wish this book helps you know that with systems in place, workers are the best investment an organization can embrace. Team work is the key to success.
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