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Strategic Management Cases, Terms and Definitiions   Faustino Taderera and JOHN CHIBAYA MBUYA

Strategic Management Cases, Terms and Definitiions

696 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book, which is co-authored with Professor Dr. John Chibaya Mbuya, is entitled Strategic Management Cases, Terms and Definitiions, and is Professor Faustino Taderera''s 50th book. It is a breakthrough and unique companion for business students, professors and practitioners which covers twelve critical global case studies for well known multinational and other firms, as well as most of the key strategic management models, terms and definitions. A lot of people struggle with this course as it is said to have too much jargon and a language of its own. This book unravels the mystery of strategic management and makes studying this course a real pleasure. It is now accepted worldwide that good management is only possible where there is good national governance, otherwise it will be wasted effort at firm or micro-level as corrupt and incompetent politicians destroy value. A zero tolerance to corruption is now necessary for every firm/organization as well as at...
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