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Change Management Approaches for Enterprise Transformation   Dmitry Uspenskiy

Change Management Approaches for Enterprise Transformation

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Enterprises, companies and organizations around the world strive to achieve competitive advantage by designing and implementing more advanced business and organizational architectures, streamlined and robust processes and structures, and effective and scalable management systems and practices. Industry, academia and management consulting companies have developed a variety of organizational models, change frameworks and transformation roadmaps to facilitate and to support business improvement activities and initiatives. The overall change management landscape, however, remains rather vague, overlapping and fragmented at the same time. To reduce this ambiguity and to be able to make a better-educated choice of models and frameworks to use, a close examination, classification, mapping and analysis of leading models and frameworks is conducted here. Common themes and distinct features are identified. The coupled nature and duality of organizational models and change frameworks are...
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