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Resources And Well-being Of Communities In Marigat Division, Kenya   Nicholas Olekaikai

Resources And Well-being Of Communities In Marigat Division, Kenya

220 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book provides insights into challenges and interventions options and policy implications for key resources/livelihood resources conservation and development in arid and semi arid lands of Marigat Division, Baringo District, Kenya. The book is structured into five chapters, begins with the general introduction followed by an extensive literature review. The next three chapters present the research methodology, findings related to the specific objectives. All the findings are integrated into a general discussion, and general conclusions and recommendations. The information presented will provide a better understanding of key ecological resources/livelihood resources in the context of food security and poverty reduction, empowering pastoral and agropastoral communities, sustainable natural resources management and rural livelihoods, and changing climate change and adaptation. The book is intended for development agencies, nongovernmental organizations, stakeholders, professionals,...
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