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Commnity Managed Water Projects in Central Tanzania   Fredrick Alleni

Commnity Managed Water Projects in Central Tanzania

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Community managed water projects is one of the problems facing water projects in developing countries in particular Sub –Saharan Africa. The topic is of particular importance for the latter, where the majority in rural Tanzania depend on community managed water projects. The sustainability of water projects depend on external and internal factors. Internal factors main one is community participation in terms of labour force and cash contribution. External factor include local government and donor support in terms of technical support, funds and human capacity building. This book presents a variety of sustainable mitigation measures against community managed water projects including transparency in revenue and expenditure, provision of education to the community, community capacity building, responsible water management committee, and application of appropriate technology in pumping water, conservation of water sources and good leadership.
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