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Transition through growth   Elisabet Wreme

Transition through growth

196 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is wide agreement in the areas of entrepreneurship and company growth that companies evolve through life cycles. However, many organisations fail to cope with these transitions and, as a result, die. These corporate deaths are often not caused by failure of business concepts, but by failure to recognise and respond to required organisational changes. One pivotal life cycle transition occurs when the company becomes too large for one person to control and a “professional management” approach becomes essential. The company has reached a turning point and it needs to become more than just an extension of the owner if it is to continue to grow and develop. Current research identifies this challenge, but offers limited advice on how to manage the transition successfully. This book, therefore, aims to fill this gap. As a result, this research focuses on systems, processes and beliefs and how they are all connected to drive the performance of an organisation. The...
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