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Management of business risks in an uncertainty   Zhibek Rakhmetulina and Aigerim Rakhmetulina

Management of business risks in an uncertainty

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Risk is an integral part of any business, therefore in a market economy, business development is associated with the desire to reduce risk, the search for methods of protecting against the risk. Risks in business is an objective law, which determines the processes of quantitative and qualitative changes in the macro-, meso-and microsystems, perceived in the form of threats to national interests. Although in business, risk is always present, but it has been studied insufficiently. The lack of research in the field of risk management affects the competitiveness of the country as economic entities, and the state as a whole. Therefore, in terms of the objective existence of risk and the associated with it financial, moral, and other losses, there is a need to develop specific mechanisms that would allow to manage risk for ensuring the dynamic development in all spheres of the economy.
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