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Principles of Risk Management and Insurance   Wogene Kasa

Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The risk is concerned with physical and financial well-being. The people are living with some threatening like fire, flood, earthquake, accident, terrorist attack, etc. That shows certain risks are present in our society. We can say, we are living in a risky world. In the present day context, individuals have a strong desire for financial security and protection against those events that threaten their financial security. Financial security can be threatened by numerous factors such as;If the family head is killed in an accident, Destruction of property by fire, floods, earth quakes and other natural factors, Infected by serious diseases such as Cancer, Heart disease, HIV etc.Thus, it is apparent that certain factors can threaten the financial security of individuals and their families. The primary objective of this book is to create and add powerful and significant thought and to help managers in forecasting and handling of different potential adverse effects that can hurt their...
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