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People Management in Life Insurance Corporation of India   Rupinder Kaur Gill and Ritu Lehal

People Management in Life Insurance Corporation of India

252 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With increasing competition and evolution of global economy, organizations the world over, are under tremendous pressure to improve their performance not only for sheer survival but also for accelerated growth. The sources of improvement in an organization mainly are improvements in human systems. Therefore, in today''s complex and fast changing organizational environment managing human resource is of paramount importance because out of all the factors of production, it is the men i.e. human force which works and uses the other physical resources available to any organization.In the case of service industries like insurance, HRM is more essential, because the only means of production is the manpower and hence, quality of services rendered is solely dependent upon the quality of manpower involved. There is a little research work available related to HRM in insurance industry specifically related to LIC, which has come into limelight after its privatization in the year 2000. The...
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