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The Implementation of Strategic Project Management Process   Ragheb Besaiso

The Implementation of Strategic Project Management Process

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Across the whole of management, there has been a trend to append the strategic label wherever possible. So it is not surprising that the call is getting louder for the development of strategic project management (SPM). Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are a project based institution as their funding has always been dependent on projects , which require those NGOs to ensure the proper management of project through effective and efficient adaptation of project management techniques and procedures .On one side this book tries to determine the level of the implementation of SPM process at Palestinian major NGOs working in Gaza Strip, in terms of SPM process stages, which are project definition, creating project strategy, project planning, project implementation and control, and finally project review and learning.. More over this book seeks to explain the importance of the SPM in promoting NGOs proper executed project and maximizing its impact on the society, and help shed light on...
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