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Implementation of Corporate Governance Codes   AMIT MAJUMDER

Implementation of Corporate Governance Codes

500 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recently a growing recognition on importance of corporate governance may be felt all around the world in the context of a series of corporate misadventure featuring Enron, Worldcom, Satyam to name a few. In order to restore investors'' confidence and to put the organization in the path of good governance, different codes and/or laws of corporate governance have been framed in different parts of the globe. Here, in this book an attempt has been made to enquire into the state of the affairs that how far selected Indian companies of BSE SENSEX fare well in the front of compliance with the provisions of good governance prescribed by different nationally- and internationally- acclaimed committees for corporate governance. Moreover, the relationship of corporate governance score of each company and its financial performances is also studied here using appropriate statistical tools. The book attempts to establish, in a lucid and comprehensive manner, the linkage ...
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