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The Role of Informal Sector on Household Livelihood   Fillmon Terefe Kebede

The Role of Informal Sector on Household Livelihood

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today's context of economic scenario [as associated to privatization and liberalization] informal sector has taken a new role of employment generation and crucial source of alternative income for large number of households. This book examines the role of informal sector on household livelihood by giving emphasis to street vendors. In order to scrutinize the role of the sector the book is organized in five chapters. The first chapter elucidates background, rationale, objective and significance of the study. The second chapter is designed in a way that could introduce, summarize and lay down the bases for the theoretical and empirical literature on informal sector, street vending and livelihood. The third chapter portraits the methods and materials used to undertake the study. The fourth chapter briefs out the major findings of the study along with discussions. The final chapter of the book covers major conclusions drawn and recommendations forwarded for the observed gaps.
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