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Organizational Existentialism as a Paradigm for Studying Organizations   Rana Zamin Abbas

Organizational Existentialism as a Paradigm for Studying Organizations

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A timely discourse on significance of organizational existentialism in raising bar of ehtical conciousness. The corresponding study has been undertaken in order to understand and explore the most significant, prime and important area of discussion in the perspective of prevailing corporate world as the corporate greed and sense of profit maximization has damaged and tarnished the integrity of human essence and man is being dealt as nothing more than a machine in an organization. In the wake of recent financial crisis, it has become necessary to explore ways and means reinforcing ethical consciousness as a deterrent to the intrinsic drivers such as interplay of greed damaging the interest of stakeholders and even threatening the very existence of the company as well jeopardizing the careers of executives and employees. This research study seeks to explain the relevance and usefulness of OE in reinforcing ethical awareness and moral foundations of decision-making in organizations in...
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