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Personal values, personalty and managerial behavior   Mohammed Galib Hussain

Personal values, personalty and managerial behavior

264 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Book Management Modules should be based on Indian corporate realities. This book is an attempt in this direction. It focuses on understanding an Indian manger in terms of his/her personality emerging from such value systems. Psychoanalysis, anthropologists, and host of thinkers have conceptualized two sets of values of India culture: Progressive and regressive. What is the value system internalized by Indian executives? To what extent Indian business organizations permit their executives to apply their internalized values? Which value system - progressive or regressive - is operative in Indian corporate? Does a typical Indian executive represent the progressive face of his/her culture or the regressive side of his/her culture? How do these culture specific values influence a manager’s behavior in decision making, power sharing, increasing profitability, enhancing market share, delegation of authority Performance appraisal and in dealing with his / her...
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