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Quality Management Practices in Financial Institutions of Rajasthan   Hanuman Prasad

Quality Management Practices in Financial Institutions of Rajasthan

200 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Services have emerged as one of the most competent sector of business the world over. Since 1960s they have come to be treated at par with manufacturing organizations. The issue of quality improvement has assumed greater significance in the context of service industries. The quality movement gained momentum as a result of globalization of many countries economy. The lifeline of any economy, financial services needs to be managed properly so that the flow of many circulates smoothly in the nation’s economy. Against this backdrop it becomes highly necessary for the management of financial institutions to improve, manage and maintain their service quality. The present research work is empirical study of quality management practices in selected financial institutions in Rajasthan. This book sheds some light on the Indian Financial System and paves the way of development of Service Quality Management Practices. The pioneering efforts of researcher would be amply rewarded if this study...
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