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A critical study of Total Quality Management in Engineering Industries   Sushama S. Kulkarni

A critical study of Total Quality Management in Engineering Industries

412 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the present reformed economic policies of globalization, privatization and liberalization, global quality is invading India, hurtling in through goods designed marketed and sold using state of the art quality practices, contrary to what business may believe, India is defenseless against the tidal onslaught of total quality and thus total quality revolution is essential. Our manufacturers, consultants, construction organizations and engineers in particular have to wake up to the challenge and all efforts needs to be pooled in to create an India, with a total quality image. It’s observed that very limited study has been conducted on TQM in India. This study is undertaken to examine the factors responsible for implementation of TQM, problems during implementation and evaluation of impact of TQM on the engineering Industries. A study was also conducted on the interaction of ISO 9000 and TQM. The findings of this study has provided a feedback about performance of...
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