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Readings in Business & Administrative Sciences   Appa Rao Korukonda

Readings in Business & Administrative Sciences

700 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This Book of Readings on the functional aspects of emerging economies is based on the seventeen international conferences organized and chaired by Dr. Appa Rao Korukonda under the auspices of the Academy of Business & Administrative Sciences (ABAS) during the period 1998-2008. Since their inception in 1998, the ABAS International Conferences have sought to transcend national, geographic, and disciplinary boundaries---both in their reach and in their program content. This volume, reflecting such diversity of content, covers functional and structural aspects of management from context-free as well as context-specific viewpoints. Specifically, papers in this book are organized into five parts: (a) Strategy, (b) Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (c) Technology, Organizational Structure, and Design, (d) Operations Research/Manufacturing Management, and (e) Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility. The editorial commentary at the beginning of each section is intended to provide a...
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