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Wake Up Dear Consumer   Mrinalini Pandey

Wake Up Dear Consumer

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is an era of tough competition, a time when virtually each company is trying to endure the tough market environment by strategic use of resources to lure the customers. The entire marketing operation is aimed at profit maximization at the expense of consuming people. Malpractices are pervading the market. According to estimates Indian consumers are cheated through defective weights and measures to the tune of Rs. 1600 crores a year. This book discusses the increasing ambit and amplitude of the Consumer Protection Act and highlights the present situation and emerging trends in the Indian consumer protection jurisprudence. This book is written with an aim to understand the rights the customer has and their awareness and responsiveness towards those rights. An emphasis has been made to balance theory with practice and it is hoped that the book provides a refreshing approach to the basic principles underlying the subject. With clear and lucid style a contemporary research approach...
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