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The Winning Innings of Management: A Case from Amlsad Multipurpose PACS   Hirenkumar Bhimani,Mr Rahul Thakkar and Dr Alpesh Leua

The Winning Innings of Management: A Case from Amlsad Multipurpose PACS

100 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Management has expanded its wings to the world doorstep. The global environment is challenging & even leading industries are facing a problem of survival in the worldwide competition. The market is facts getting saturated and quickly picks up new innovative ideas. A few pioneers have study the stakeholder need and step in within a couple of years. In order, that the experience gained by the Management from Cooperatives and Federation, the Book has been undertaken as a live project. It's a study of the impact of collective actions of management in starting the organization and running things successfully. It tells about a moral fight between the claims and rewards of the stakeholders which attempts to draw structure, governance, participation & satisfaction in the decision making process. AND a comparison of management performance in different ways by means of Government sector Vs. Public sector. The scrutiny should be useful to understand the basic codes...
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