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TQM in Engineering Education   Talluru Sreenivas and Narne V. Srinivasarao

TQM in Engineering Education

180 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
No professional area had influenced the functions of an organization more than Management, be it the industry that produces goods or commercial organizations involved in trade or the service sector. Till recent times the service sector did not recognize the importance of professional management practices for optimizing their resources. One of such most important area is Engineering Education. Quality in education cannot be defined easily. Quality education implies comprehensively development of individuals to their full potential, unfolding the “Perfection already in man and woman”. The importance is on the quality of life in institutions where a student is shaped as a complete man. Continuous quest of quality both in education and in life has thus become a vital goal to work on in the beginning of the new century. Derived from industrial applications, TQM has been extensively and intensively adopted and experimented in education sector. This book is an attempt to analyze the reasons...
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