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A Study of the Process Model for Mobile Base Station Dispute   Tung-Feng Chuang

A Study of the Process Model for Mobile Base Station Dispute

188 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although there is no clear evidence to prove that electromagnetic wave signals from mobile telecommunications have direct impact on human health, the objection of anti-establishing mobile base station has gradually become one of the leading issues of public dispute. The dispute approaches have tended to be radical and irrational, which has lead to strong violence. In the mean time, the government and the telecommunication industry are not able to respond to and resolve the current situation. These issues not only threaten the ability for the mobile telecommunication industry to survive, but cost an incredible amount of the social resource which it is also a great concern for the similar conditions in future society. Based on the investigation on several process models for mobile base station protest, some long term and short term solutions were developed.
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