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Employees' Empowerment, Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave   Wogene Kasa

Employees' Empowerment, Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this dynamic world, in which companies are in harsh competition overlooking employees’ job satisfaction is considered as of leading the company to hell. Scholars agree that, employees are valuable asset of an organization especially in banking industry which require watch the dog contact with clients that can make or break the company. The objectives of the book is to give clear understanding on the impact of the level of information sharing, effects of reward, training and trust on job satisfaction as well as, to test the magnitude of employee satisfaction on the employee decision to leave out or stay in the company . thus, employees, satisfaction needs great consideration. Employee empowerment is the primary fundamental and an extraordinary aspect for achievement of success and growth for any business and enhances the productivity. If employees are not satisfied well, no one is willing to exert his effort for the attainment of the company’s objectives; so that, the...
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