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Price Flexibility in Relation to Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Online   MERCY OMIGIE

Price Flexibility in Relation to Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Online

68 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Successful setting of Prices is one of the most crucial challenges faced by companies. Most often, attempts are made to carryout purchases from a virtual company once, and never again. This is an evidence of lack of second interest by the consumer which can be as a result of distanced relationship or price implementation mechanism. Besides,consumers tend to see the flexibility in pricing applications by companies before they decide whether to purchase or not. So,for companies that are not virtual, there is always a challenge to meet the demand of such consumers. Though traditional business approaches are still applicable to marketing proceeds, but is gradually going down the drain as electronic business is overtaking marketing environment. This book therefore provide a trend of success to traditional companies who might see the need to embark on internet business. For internet companies, who need better approaches on how to manage their pricing issues. Furthermore,...
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