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Samp-Nigeria Collaboration:   Babatunde Adegbuji-Onikoyi

Samp-Nigeria Collaboration:

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The influence of Non-governmental organization in local, national, or global developments cannot be undermined. Playing such vital roles in compliment the efforts of governments and other developmental groups, they seek ways of bringing development and better life in their various pursuits. This material explores the collaboration between a Swedish NGO-Swedish African museum network (Samp) and the Nigerian Commission for Museums and Monument (NCMM), using them as a platform to understand the potential challenges that are inherent in collaborations of international NGO’s and their partners, especially from the developing countries. The work is a good and useful read for both professionals and students of management, government and museum studies as it shines some light on the different challenges that structure and hierarchy could have in the overall outcome of a project particularly if collaborating partners have different operating structure.
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