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Total quality management in an academic library   Vincent Kwami Afenyo and Samuel N.B. Tackie

Total quality management in an academic library

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The attainment and sustenance of quality edge by business organizations depend solely on the practices of TQM. Whereas some business practices create quality gaps, it is the primary aim of every business, be it service or manufacturing, to strive and grow. The research describes clearly and precisely the state of quality practices in a business school library. Areas of concern in the evaluation include: the people aspects, facilities, information technology application aspects and the governing body of the library. Some quality gaps were identified in the study and the researcher offered suggestions for correcting the deficiencies. The researcher recommends best practices for the UGBS Library through benchmarking superior business libraries. The evaluation will help students, researchers and practitioners interested in TQM to add value to their knowledge.
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