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Do Extroverts Make The Best Salespeople?   Boris A. Altemeyer

Do Extroverts Make The Best Salespeople?

204 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In order to address the question whether extroverted sales personnel performs on a higher level than more introverted individuals this research has been divided into both a qualitative and a quantitative analysis. It relates to literature about extraversion, sales performance, performance indicators and performance measurement as well as sales typologies and generic sales models. The hypotheses on moderating variables and possible interactions and connections were derived accordingly. The results of this research, including perceptions of extraversion, ideal salespeople and the sales process, were linked with the different possibilities for application in both the practical as well as the academic field. Concerning the business practice the focus was set on the different methods of recruitment and management of sales forces while in the academic focus the Business Psychology Model as introduced by Benton (2001).Furthermore practical applications in the form of...
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