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Training Practices in Hospitality Industry   Suruchi Pandey

Training Practices in Hospitality Industry

328 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hospitality sector is growing at a rate of approximately 8% in developing countries like India. This sector can be broadly classified into hotel industry,travel and tourism,restaurants,pubs,clubs and bars,contract catering,and aviation. The major challenge of this sector is shortage of skilled employees along with the challenge of attrition rate. Skilled chefs and managers are in great demand. Managers require huge range of competencies such as, people management, viable skills, business insights, analytical skills, succession planning, and resource development in order to get success in this sector. Hospitality is all about handling people. So an employee must have right attitude, tolerance, and listening skills in order to move up the hierarchy.A very little academic literature exists on what are the training practices adopted by some of these industry units. The present study mainly focuses on demonstrating best training practices in Hospitality Industry. The content in this...
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