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The Effectiveness of Health & Safety (H&S) Communication Practices   Paul Cummins

The Effectiveness of Health & Safety (H&S) Communication Practices

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Health and Safety is a key issue in any organisation and never more so than in our current recessionary climate where a general claim culture has increased and the incident rate is higher and more costly than ever. But how do business's deal with this issue? Do they continue to use the same traditional approach, where confusing text-rich H&S documentation is given to employees and expected to keep them safe at work? This approach ticks the compliance box but does it really work, does it really keep people safe in their area of work? This research by Paul Cummins explores the traditional approach using qualitative methods of investigation within an anonymous retail chain. Important areas of H&S at work are touched upon particularly within an extensive review of past research in H&S practice. An alternative to the traditional approach is then presented, where the focus is on the employees themselves, the job they do every day, communicating best practice effectively and efficiently, and...
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