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The Essence of Teamwork   Abdul-Kahar Adam

The Essence of Teamwork

108 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the context of this book, it is noted that teamwork is regarded by the way people work together harmoniously and with clear understanding to each others behaviour (such as character, attitudes, likes and dislikes etc). It also indicates that there cannot be a team without minor conflicts and such circumstances need to be addressed by supervisors/managers amicably. Also, anger is something that sometimes affects people working in a team and it has to do with every individual perception’s about whatever is said and perceived to be. If the perception of statement from a colleague is taken to be negative, hence promotes anger and rises into serious disputes. Moreover, the factors that engulf people working as a team are elaborated in details which will help every team member to strategise themselves at work places. That is, they will be able to find a way of fitting themselves in a team even if they have never worked in a team before. Teamwork requires people to learn how to tolerate,...
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