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Effective foreign-funded projects   Robin Peters Peters

Effective foreign-funded projects

196 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Knowledge generated in one country is being transferred other countries to solve a certain problem. This book analyses such a case in depth. The case concerns the transfer of Dutch Water Management knowledge to the city of Semarang in Indonesia. In this city the Dutch polder concept is developed, as a solution to the daily occurring floods. This was made possible with the support of foreign funding programmes. These kinds of development projects are not equally effective though, as these project often do not make it to realization phase. This book therefore provides a perspective on the factors that contribute to effective international projects funded by foreign development programme`s. Done through the analysis of the motivation, cognition and resources of the relevant parties and the development of these variables in the process of the project. Based on this analysis assumptions on the realization of the project could be made. This perspective is especially useful to...
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