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Risk Management   Kambiz Mokhtari

Risk Management

360 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book describes the application of Risk Management (RM) in offshore and marine industries – principally with regard to its application in marine ports, offshore terminals, petrochemical seaports and facilities. It provides a useful guide on HAZID, Risk Priority Assessment, FTA, ETA, Bow-Tie Method, SVA (Security Vulnerability Assessment) and Risk Mitigation in environments where there is uncertainty of data sources. The methodology and proposed RM framework in this book can be useful for managers and auditors when conducting their RM programmes. It also introduces guidelines for QHSES managers that are involved with Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security issues. The primary focus of this book is on offshore terminals and marine ports. However, any continuous operation that could lead to negative consequence (i.e. fatalities, major property damage, environmental impact and business reputation) or a security threat would have applicability. As such, this book would be...
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