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Customer Relationship Management in Banks   Bilal Afsar,Asim Rehman and Rehmat Ullah Bangash

Customer Relationship Management in Banks

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Banking has traditionally operated in a relatively stable environment for decades. However, today the industry is facing a dramatically aggressive competition in a new deregulated environment.The net result of the recent competition and legislation is that traditional banks have lost a substantial proportion of their domestic business to essentially non-bank competition. Competition will undoubtedly continue to be a more significant factor. Thus it is imperative for banks to get useful feedback on their actual response time and customer service quality aspects of retail banking, which in turn will help them take positive steps to maintain a competitive edge. Finding a place in this heating sun becomes vital to the long-range profitability and ultimate survival of the bank.Getting information about customers, who they are and their purchasing behavior is a very important input for an organization. This information will contribute to a better understanding of the...
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