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Supercenter acceptance or resistance: Using culture as a predictor   Patrick Hibbeler

Supercenter acceptance or resistance: Using culture as a predictor

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Organizations, communities, and researchers may have an interest in knowing whether a community may resist or welcome the addition of a supercenter. If organizations have intentions to enter a community, knowing the culture of that community may play a role in whether or not they are welcome. Community leaders that wish to welcome organizations into their midst may want to understand the type of culture they have and whether it will be a good fit with the organization they are seeking. Researchers may want to know what differences there are within communities that accept while others resist an organization’s entry. This study seeks to create a model from which there is a reasonable likelihood that community acceptance or rejection can be predicted across four of five cultural dimensions. In addition, this study seeks to collect data at time one from which community culture can be compared and contrasted across time to determine if there is a change within the community after...
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