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Negotiation Analysis in Project Management   Esther GuanHe You

Negotiation Analysis in Project Management

68 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today''s world, under the crucial competition, negotiation is becoming more and more important for executives, leaders and managers as a software to sell the technology and knowledge; it''s the core management competency for a company''s sustainable suviving and developing. A good negotiator can bring more and better business chances not only to parent company but also to the counterpart. in Negotiation, not only measurable and tangible entities like money and goods are to be exchanged, but also the unmeasurable and intangible things like trust, relationship, etc. which are the key elements for the long term cooperation and potential benefits sharing. The study begins with going over some theoretical concept and empirical experiences about negotiation and decision making process, and then develops a framework for negotiators to equip themselves before engaging in negotiation. A case study in architectural design project is used to illustrate the practicability of the framework....
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