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Measuring Value   Ion Ionita and Jean ANDREI

Measuring Value

188 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
People do not like change. Even people with a reasonable and logical thinking does not accept changes that involve a lengthy prior training (practical training) and a time for adaptation. When people do not accept something, it is very difficult to make them renounce their beliefs. This behavior may result in non-acceptance of value engineering as a highly effective solution to the problems to be solved. Therefore, knowledge and awareness of these characteristics of human behavior is one factor that makes the successful implementation of specific concepts of value engineering. On this basis, value-engineering professionals must overcome its rejection manifested by some practitioners, convinced that while people in leadership positions will refrain from longer afraid of the changes induced by value engineering. The reward for those who have the patience to accept the implementation of method will be pleased to have forced one of the most valuable tools for solving problems of...
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