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An Overview of Public Transport Services In Johannesburg South Africa   Ayanda Vilakazi and Krishna K. Govender

An Overview of Public Transport Services In Johannesburg South Africa

152 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The benefits of a well-planned and efficiently managed transportation system spreads far beyond the transport field, as it is essential for industry, for people’s mobility, and for good communications. Passenger transport is a public utility, and the benefits derived will be realised only if the system is planned and regulated so that all members of society benefit from it. This book provides an overview of public road transport in Johannesburg, which is a world class African City located in the economic hub of South Africa. More specifically it sketches how public transport is managed in South Africa with some international comparisons. A brief discussion of the structure and systems of public transport is followed by a discussion of two primary modes of public transport, namely bus and mini-bus taxis, and transport service quality. The final chapter provides empirical evidence of commuters' perception of bus and minibus taxi service quality in Johannesburg.
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