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Petitioner or Partner   Agnieszka Izabela Baruk

Petitioner or Partner

144 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Practically all the modern approaches to marketing emphasise the necessity of building close (preferably long-term) relations with individual purchasers and to get them involved in shaping the marketing offer. Thus, the individualisation of mutual relations, whose effect is the mutual creation of values precious for the recipients and the offerers, fulfilling the role of equal market partners, is postulated. It is equivalent with the distinct broadening of the market role of recipients, who are not only the addressees of marketing activities - their purchasers and/or consumers, but who simultaneously become their co-creators, and even initiators. Attributing the due place on the map of marketing activeness to them and applying the marketing approach to each of them is, surely, not easy, all the more that it requires the most difficult change to take place, i.e. mental change, within which the introvert attitude must be replaced by the openness to new solutions. Moreover, it must...
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