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The Contribution of Senior Management.   MALIMI NG''WANABULANG''WA

The Contribution of Senior Management.

124 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Managing is one of the most important activity whereby human beings began forming social organizations to accomplish aims they could not work as individuals. It has been essential to ensure the coordination efforts as society continuously relied on group effort, so as organized groups have become large, the task of managers has been increasing in its complexity. This book therefore, provides a deeper challege through need of management enhancement effectiveness. To address this concern the book proceeded along the following spectrum: identification of the responsibilities of the senior managers in the organization, factors influencing Human resource to contribute effectively in running the organization. Lastly recommendations and solutions on the problem experienced in the work. Henceforth, though managerial theories have become very crucial in the way that managers do manage complex organization, it was identified that managers today ought to appreciate the...
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