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Organisational Learning Practices in NGOs in Coast Province Of Kenya   David Barissa Ringa

Organisational Learning Practices in NGOs in Coast Province Of Kenya

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Contemporary organisations are all striving for the competitive ideals that position them as effective and efficient organisations. Learning, and application of the learning to continually improve future practice is perhaps the ultimate advantage since no one can undercut or copy it. Many organisations readily admit that their practice does not meet their aspirations. The challenge for these organisations is certainly not how to start learning, but how to actively create, capture, transfer, and mobilize knowledge of all its members and apply it to enable the organisation to adapt to the increasingly dynamic environment. Indeed, it is not just enough to learn, the ultimate test lies in applying the learning to improve practice. So where do we start? This book provides some of the practical answers to this question. It provides both the theoretical perspectives and then delves into the practical aspects of the how to operationalise the concepts. In short, this book may just be...
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