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Effectiveness of Employee Counseling   Subrahmanian Muthuraman and Anjani N

Effectiveness of Employee Counseling

200 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Counseling can go a long way in helping the employees to have better control over their lives, take their decisions wisely and better charge of their responsibilities; reduce the level of stress and anxiety. According to the study, manufacturing and automobile industries face serious issues amidst their employees, which arises due to various reasons and have a direct impact on the productivity, which is considered as a loss to both organization and individual. Counseling of employees can have desirable consequences for the organization. It was evident that the employees will appreciate the management for providing the counseling services. Thus organizations should not just focus on productivity but also to consider the importance of the employee welfare.It can prove to be of significant help to modify the behavior of the employees & more so to re-enforce the desired behavior, increase the employee productivity. It helps the organization when the employees know that the organization...
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