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Effectiveness of Problem-Solving Groups - The Quality Circle Way   Ranjan Dasgupta

Effectiveness of Problem-Solving Groups - The Quality Circle Way

388 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Originated in Japan, QC philosophy takes a rapid stride especially in the Asian region including India. After its initiation in BHEL in early 1980s, it helps many organizations throughout India in the last few decades to cater the development needs in terms of quality to them and their employees. It becomes an excellent channel to streamline and motivate all types of workers and employees to solve their regular problems by own efforts. Organizational encouragement in the form of management commitment and whole-hearten support, funding, training, awards, rewards and recognition are crucial for QC efforts to be successful. This book is thereby unearthed many issues in regard to the initiation, development, success or failure factors of the QC philosophy in the Indian context with a rich literature from all over the world. On an overall basis, the followers of this book will get a strategic insight and outlook of such a group effectiveness approach and know how to ride with success in it.
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